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Do you see the stars when you look in the night,
or has the darkness in me cut out their light,
does it get to you when you see me here,
and only you can see how I hold back the tears,
only you see the anguish behind the walls I build,
and how I'll stop your dreams from being fulfilled,
yet you stay here with me, regardless of the pain,
you stand with me, face wet from the rain,
from the tears that don't trickle down my cheeks,
you know how I bottle it because it makes me feel week,
so you clasp my hand, pull me up help me climb,
so it ends up that your wrists bleed instead of mine,
and all I want is to take away your struggle,
hold you tight in my arms in an endless cuddle,
kiss the pain out your wrists, tear the pain from your heart,
give you a chance to go back to the start,
take a path that leads you away from all this,
and if I'm causing you pain, then let us have one last kiss,
because your happiness is all that matters to me,
if I get in the way of that, let go and be free.
I'll still be with you in my dreams.
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October 6, 2013
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